St Julien En St Alban - Eric Texier - 2017
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St Julien En St Alban
Eric Texier

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Producer: Eric Texier
Grape: Marsanne 
Country: France
Region: Rhône
Subregion: -
Alcohol: 13.5%

Aging in wood:
Gneiss with Calcareous Marl
Added S02: Yes

Funkyness: Mild

Tasting Notes: This is a truly unique wine. A total of 50 ha only cultivated by 5 winegrowers at the southern limit of the northern Rhone. A rare and unique terroir to say the least and the viticulture is holistically based on the stimulation of the plant's own defenses, by various minerals and algae slurry. Vinification: Eric Texier decided to make long macerations (6 to 7 months) on destemmed skins in order to extract the aromatic precursors contained in them without having to harvest when overripe. One year old in barrel after racking of the skins. No addition of sulfite. This wine is a true hidden gem.

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