Indigeno - Ancarani - 2019
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Producer: Ancarani
Grape: Trebbiano 
Pet Nat
Country: Italia
Region: Emilia Romagna
Subregion: Romagna
Alcohol: 11%

Aging in wood:
Silt, Clay
Added S02: No

Funkyness: Mild

Tasting Notes:

A refreshing, rustic white sparkling Trebbiano. The grapes are pressed softly and ferment in cement tanks for two months. After, the base wine is filled into bottles with a bit of grape juiced that was frozen after the harvest. The sugars present in the juice and the yeasts in the wine get together and start a second fermentation, now trapping all the CO2 in the bottle. The wine is not filtered, and there are no added yeasts, sugars, or sulfites, making this a cidery, slightly floral and herbaceous wine with persistent fine bubbles and a tart finish.

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