Mosterei Oswald + Ruch - Thurgauer Wein - 2021
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Mosterei Oswald + Ruch
Thurgauer Wein

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Producer: Mosterei Oswald + Ruch
Fruit: Tobiässler, Boskoop,Bohnapfel, Waldhöfler
Country: Switzerland
Region: Swiss German Region
Subregion: Nussbaumen
Alcohol: 4.5%

Aging in wood: 
Soil: -

Added S02: No

Funkyness: Mild

Tasting Notes: The garden from which the fruit for this cider comes is a very special one: Christoph Isenring lovingly tends the scarce hectare in front of his house in Nussbaumen TG. "I still enjoy the place," he answers succinctly when asked why he takes on the work, which without this cider would be a losing proposition. The old Thurgau varieties such as Waldhöfler, Tobiässler, or Thurgauer Weinapfel, which his grandfather planted, convey an idea of how cider once tasted here, when the beverage was proudly counted among the cultural identity of the region.

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