Natural Wine Home Essentials
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Natural Wine Home Essentials

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Here at Studio Wino we like to be prepared. We know that there’s the perfect wine for any situation and how to choose them, and we want to share our knowledge with you. Planning a gathering is stressful enough, so we are here to relieve you of the additional hassle of choosing the perfect wine match for your next event. So this month we have assembled a Wino Pack with wines to cover all kinds of situations: Studio Wino Home Essentials!

Apero with Friends: JZ.Velue Rosé - Johannes Zillinger

A rosé that is incredibly well balanced, JZ.Velue Rosé by Johannes Zillinger will please all of your friends - it is low intervention, fun and interesting enough for those who like natural wine, but classical and clean enough so the skeptical ones won’t find anything to complain about!

Brunch: Alpino Macerato - Furlani

These are the perfect brunch bubbles! Easy to drink without being boring at all, Alpino Macerato is a high altitude Müller Thurgau from Italy. It's fruity-floral and low in alcohol and acidity (great when you're trying to get over last night's hangover). On top of that it's a perfect match with classic brunch dishes.

Celebrations: Blanc De Blancs Brut Nature - Laherte Frères

Let us share a piece of ancient wisdom with you: You should always have a bottle of good champagne on hand! Nothing is as satisfying as the “plop” of opening a bottle of champers, and the anticipation and excitement that fills us when we pour this bubbly nectar of the gods into a glass is the perfect match for any celebratory moment, but also enough to get us over ourselves when we feel stuck in a rut.

Barbecue: Rosso Isi - Alessandro Viola

Rosso Isi is, as advertised, easy, but still bold enough to be an excellent pairing with smoky, barbecued foods. Filled with cherries, blackcurrant and a bit of spice, this is glouglou but also has good grip, a touch of tannin and a lovely acidity to balance out the fruitiness!

Dinner with the Parents: Vigna Alla Sughera - I Mandorli

A Sangiovese from the Maremma, this red is a perfectly executed Italian classic. Even wine traditionalists will have to admit that this is a beautiful terroir-driven expression of the main Tuscan grape variety, grown in an area where some of the most famous Italian wines hail from. The perfect wine to sway any parents’ or in-laws’ potential negative opinions on natural wine!

Date Night: Akméniné - Sébastien Riffault

One of the most exciting Sauvignon Blancs out there, Akméniné is complex but not complicated and thus the perfect companion for a date night. Filled with aromas of honey, stone fruit and floral notes, with a medium body and zingy acidity, this wine adapts to a wide range of different foods, but also conversational topics, and will keep you and your love interest hooked for at least as long as the bottle lasts!

Why natural wine?

Our goal

Our mission is to make natural wine more accessible. We want to encourage wine drinkers to try new styles and winemaking practices and show newcomers an easy way to your favourite natural wine. Studio Wino tries to illustrate how wine, free of chemicals and fining, should taste. At Studio Wino we strive to become the best and largest online shop for natural wines.