Wino Market Hottest Wines

Wino Market Hottest Wines

Oct 19, 2023Rico Jauch

These are the Tosellers from Wino Market October 2023:

7 PET NAT ROSÉ - Humus - 2022

A light and fresh rosé pet-nat sparkling wine from Lisbon. This wine is easy-drinking and light, with the perfect amount of acidity (a little bit more than the previous vintage). This is a rare pet-nat: It’s addictive and leaves you craving for another bottle.


6 Les Tondeuse - Mamaruta - 2022

What a surprise, a red wine among the top sellers! A glou-glou wine for those who love quaffable reds, made in Languedoc-Roussillon from 100% Grenache grapes. If you liked this one, also check out Coupe Soif, another of our favorites here at Studio Wino: Coupe Soif


5 Ventura Orange - Signora Ginni - 2022

Orange pet-nat sadly is still a rarity. This is the first wine of Giorgia Salierno AKA "Signora Ginni" from Cortona, Tuscany, who started the wine adventure "Ventura". We are hoping to see more of her wines soon! We like!


4 Mary of Modena - Il Farneto - NV

Elegant and slightly sweet spumante from Reggio in the Emilia Romagna. Il Farneto also has some superb other wines like Giandon - Check out!


3 Malvasia de Sitges - Vinyes Singulars - 2021

An orange wine made from the grape variety Malvasia de Sitges. Seven days of skin contact and then aged in chestnut barrels. Only 768 bottles were produced, so hurry!


2 Orange Rurale - Christoph Hoch

Definitely our favorite wine from Wino Market! The fact that it’s got orange in the name could set some wrong is in fact a fresh but aromatic sparkling wine with notes of elderflower, jasmine and peach, combined with a zippy acidity and strong minerality.



1 PET NOT - HerterWein x Trallala

Oops I dropped a lemon tart in the wine... This pet-nat didn’t ferment as it was supposed to and turned into a pet-not: Instead of having full-on bubbles it turned out a little fizzy and has some residual sugar. Thanks to its high acidity it’s an extremely enjoyable wino, though!


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