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Studio Wino offers a distinguished venue for hosting apéro events in Zürich K3. Our wine shop provides a selection of services and amenities designed to cater to professional gatherings, casual meetups, and special occasions.  Events can comfortably accommodate up to 25 guests standing or 10 guests seated, ensuring a tailored experience whether you prefer to mingle or relax.

Ensure a Minimum Consumption of CHF 500 for Events Outside Our Opening Hours.

Wine Selection

Price per person. We calculate with half a bottle of wine per person.

Pick and Choose

We choose together live at the event.
Corkage is  +10.- per 0.75L bottle

Easy and fun

Ex.: A mix through PetNat, Cremant, Orange, White, Red and Rosé. Average bottle price 26.- + 10.- Corkage

CHF 20 per Person

Adventure Wino

Ex.: New findings of our selection. A unique Cremant de Jura or Sekt from a Newcomer in Germany. Fresh deep Red from Galicia or a Mixed Red/White from Aargau.
Average bottle price 40.- + 10.- Corkage

CHF 35 per Person

Master Wino

Ex.:Good vintage of a fascinating Pinot from Switzerland. And old Jura vintage of Savagnin or a laser fresh Chenin from Loire. Average bottle price 60.- + 10.- Corkage

CHF 50 per Person

Food Selection

Price per person

No Food

+ CHF 0

Bring your own

+ CHF 5.00

Cheese & Antipasti, Bread

+ CHF 25.00

KIN Snacks

+ CHF 25.00


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