Col di Corte

Marche, Italy

Col di Corte Winery prioritizes crafting wines as a resource for healthy, enjoyable experiences, emphasizing drinkability. Rejecting the notion of wine as a mere status symbol, they focus on the genuine connection between humans and nature. Situated in the Marche region along the river Esino, their wines reflect the unique terroir and climate of the area. Since 2012, they've practiced organic farming in both vineyard and winery, transitioning to biodynamic preparations in 2016. Each vintage is influenced by the rhythm of the seasons, shaping the character of their wines. Their labels feature symbols representing the progression of seasons leading to each harvest, underscoring their belief in nature's influence on winemaking. Despite the variability of each vintage, certain production practices remain consistent, including spontaneous fermentations and minimal use of sulphites. At Col di Corte Winery, they celebrate the harmony between humanity and nature, allowing the beauty and complexity of the land to shine through in every bottle.

Via San Pietro, 19 A, 60036, 60036 Montecarotto AN, Italien