Domaine Andrée

Loire, France

Stéphane Erissé has swiftly become a coveted secret for compelling Anjou wines. Stéphane didn't start as a career winemaker; he spent 15 years as a builder before deciding, in 2008, to turn his passion for viticulture into his main profession. His work, both in the vineyard and the cellar, is nature-oriented, thoughtful, and meticulous. He intentionally kept his operation small to maintain a direct connection to his farming, his vines, and ultimately, his wines. The vineyard plots of Domaine Andrée—named after his grandmother—span just 3.5 hectares between Saint-Cyr-le-Bourg and Saint-Georges-sur-Layon. Acquired from a producer who had been practicing organic farming for over twenty-five years, these parcels are predominantly planted with old vines. In his wines, the terroir that nurtures the vines and the winemaker's craftsmanship, which cherishes and nurtures them, beautifully intertwine, showcasing purity, finesse, and depth.