Glow Glow


Glow Glow was founded in 2019 by Pauline and Carl Baumberger when they returned to their Family Winery Baumberg. The wanted to craft their own Project and focuses on natural wines, starting with two half-barrels of Riesling and Muscateller.
Their goal is to represent their home region, the Nahe, with delicate, elegant, and pure wines. They experiment with processing methods like Carbonic Maceration and Cold Maceration. Now in their fourth vintage, their wines are becoming more refined and serious. The 2022 vintage introduces eight wines: White, Red, Riesling, Muscateller, Spätburgunder, Fizzy, Pink Fizzy, and Cider. These wines are light, fruity, and perfect for any occasion. They are made with low alcohol, crisp acidity, and vibrant aromatics. Glow Glow Winery embraces natural winemaking practices and offers unfiltered wines. Enjoy the vibrant and youthful wines of Glow Glow Winery!

Kreuznacher Str. 39, 55595 Mandel, Deutschland