Marto Wine


The Journey to Winemaking
Martin Otto Wörner’s winemaking journey began in Geisenheim, amidst a vibrant community of innovative young winemakers. He attributes his success to being "in the right place at the right time," supported by a family deeply rooted in viticulture. His grandparents initiated professional winemaking in Flonheim, Rheinhessen, while his father innovated with fruit wines during the 1980s. Despite feeling ashamed of the overgrown family vineyards as a child, Martin's passion for winemaking was reignited after completing his studies and gaining global experience. Returning home, he embraced the challenge of revitalizing the vineyards with a fresh perspective.

Marto Wines: A Reflection of Place and Tradition
Marto Wines, located in a sandstone-rich region, cultivates a variety of grapes over 3 hectares, including Bacchus, Riesling, and Pinot Noir. Martin cherishes the legacy of his grandfather, especially the preservation of the traditional cellar, which is crucial for the wine's maturation. The cellar's authenticity, with its old wooden barrels, is integral to the unique character of Marto Wines. Martin prefers these old barrels for their neutral influence on the wine, avoiding the taste of new wood. He is committed to maintaining the winery's size and quality, focusing on the essence of each vintage.

Winemaking Philosophy: Adapting to Change with a Light Touch
Martin's philosophy embraces early harvests to adapt to each year's unique conditions, crafting his Cuvée with a fresh blend and methodology annually. This approach allows him to produce wines that are light, refreshing, and bring joy to the drinking experience. Despite the challenges of climate change, Martin adapts with ease, leveraging the climatic conditions to enhance his winemaking. He aims to reflect the Sandsteinregion in his wines, capturing its essence with every bottle. Martin's dedication ensures Marto Wines remain a testament to innovation, tradition, and the joy of winemaking.

Alzeyer Str. 25, 55237 Flonheim, Deutschland