Moritz Kissinger


The Legacy of the Kissinger Vineyards
Nestled in the limestone-rich heart of Rheinhessen, Moritz Kissinger, a fourth-generation winemaker, with the close support of his father and family, meticulously tends to his vineyards. The Rheinhessen's cold, limestone-riddled center provides a unique terroir that Moritz skillfully translates into his wines, bridging tradition with a modern touch that has garnered attention and acclaim within Germany and beyond.

A Philosophy Rooted in Biodynamics
Moritz's commitment to biodynamic practices and gentle processing in the cellar is a testament to his belief in the intrinsic connection between the land and the wine it produces. His approach ensures that each wine is a clear expression of its origin, bottled without filtration to preserve its authentic character. This dedication to natural processes not only respects the ecosystem but also enhances the vibrancy and complexity of his wines.

The '0 Ohm' Wines: A Conduit of Pure Expression
The '0 Ohm' series exemplifies Moritz's innovative approach, drawing inspiration from the esteemed winemaking regions of Champagne, Jura, and Burgundy. These wines, particularly noted for their depth, complexity, and tension, offer a refreshing divergence from traditional Rheinhessen styles. Moritz's exploration of maceration techniques and aging processes contributes to a portfolio that is both intriguing and approachable, inviting wine enthusiasts to experience the essence of Rheinhessen through a new lens.

Moritz Kissinger's wines, especially the sought-after Chardonnay, are celebrated for their originality and fidelity to the terroir of Rheinhessen. His work is a reflection of a winemaker who not only respects the legacy of his land but also pushes the boundaries of what is possible, contributing to a renaissance in German winemaking. As Moritz continues to explore and innovate, his wines are a promise of the exciting evolution of viticulture in the Rheinhessen region.

For those intrigued by the nuances of biodynamic winemaking and the unique expressions of the Rheinhessen terroir, Moritz Kissinger's portfolio offers a compelling exploration into the art and science of winemaking.

Außerhalb 13, 55278 Uelversheim, Deutschland