Cider Pet Nat Pinot Noir - Zofinger Kellerei

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SFr. 20.00

Producer: Zofinger Kellerei
Fruit: Apple, Pinot Noir
Pet Nat
Country: Switzerland
Region: Swiss German Region
Subregion: -
Alcohol: 7.5%

Aging in wood:
 For this cider, they fermented the apple juice on Pinot Noir skins leftover from winemaking. This gave the wine some tannins, interesting vinous aromas and a deep color. The cider was made in a pet nat style, so bottled with residual sugar to finish fermenting in the bottle.

 There is a dominant fermented apple smell wafting from the glass, but it is subtly underlined with vinous notes and some aromas of ripe red berries, herbs and green wood. On the palate it is dry, lean and quite balanced, with slight tannins and an oaky character that carries into the finish.