Moritz Kissinger's Wines: Back in Stock, Limited Quantity

Moritz Kissinger's Wines: Back in Stock, Limited Quantity

Jun 25, 2024BSS Commerce (Support)


Great news: Moritz Kissinger's exceptional wines are back in stock, but be quick—quantities are limited! This talented young winemaker from the Rheinebene is renowned for his wines, and he is celebrated as one of the stars of the new wave of young winemakers.

Kissinger’s philosophy centers on soil health and biodiversity, ensuring his vines produce top-quality grapes. His minimal-intervention approach, inspired by winemakers in Jura and Champagne, allows the wines to develop naturally, with intervention only when necessary. His debut Chardonnay 2018 quickly gained acclaim, especially after a glowing Instagram endorsement from renowned vintner Klaus Peter Keller.

Kissinger’s wines are bottled without filtration, preserving their natural flavors and aromas. His goal is to bring the pure essence of the grape variety to the glass. Working alongside his family, Kissinger is a fourth-generation winemaker blending tradition with modern innovation.

As his wine collection steadily grows, each new release continues to impress. Every bottle reflects Kissinger’s commitment to quality and craftsmanship. Don’t miss the chance to experience these exceptional wines and see why Moritz Kissinger is a rising star in the wine world. Remember, the stock is limited, so act fast: Wine – Studio Wino




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