What is a funky wine?

A wine can be called Funkyif inside you can find some earthy or barnyard smell and juicy or yeasty taste.

This smells and tastes are the results of some little natural flaws that wine has. If in the old conventional wine scene these are absolutely a no-go, in the natural wine scene these are well tolerated because, in small levels of concentration, these flaws give the wine character and originality.

This funkiness is the result of:

- Brettanomyces or Brett, a wild yeast present in wine.

- Reduction, a result of reductive or anaerobic winemaking. The absence of oxygen in this anaerobic process allows the acetaldehyde to be eventually converted, by reduction, to ethanol.

- Mouse, an after taste that reminds of the skin of a salami and a bit metallic.

- Volatile Acidity or VA, the major compound responsible for this aroma is acetic acid, which is more commonly known as vinegar.


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