Weingut Sven & Simone Leiner

Pfalz, Germany

The Heart of the Palatinate: A Family Legacy
Weingut Sven Leiner is deeply rooted in the Kleine Kalmit nature reserve, a cornerstone of the family's identity and winemaking philosophy for over 40 years. This cherished natural reserve in the southern Palatinate symbolizes the Leiner family's enduring connection to their land, blending work and family life harmoniously. Their wines, a reflection of this profound bond, embody the essence of their origin, capturing the unique characteristics of the protected cultural landscape they call home.

A Commitment to Biodynamics
The transition to biodynamic viticulture marks a significant chapter in the winery's history, beginning with organic certification in 2005 and achieving Demeter certification in 2011 under Sven Leiner's guidance. This evolution reflects a deep commitment to sustainable practices, joining the prestigious Respekt-BIODYN consortium to further this mission. Through biodynamic farming, the Leiners enhance biodiversity and soil vitality, ensuring their wines are expressions of ecological harmony and care.

Innovation in Winemaking
With seventeen hectares of challenging terrain, Weingut Sven Leiner produces Riesling and Burgundian varieties that are testament to innovative, ecologically mindful winemaking. The use of indigenous yeasts and minimal intervention techniques allows for the creation of wines that are clean, pure, and naturally expressive. Celebrating the life among the vines, each wine label features an insect from the vineyard, symbolizing the vibrant ecosystem they nurture through biodynamic practices.

In a remarkable fusion of biodynamic winemaking and artistic expression, Sven Leiner partnered with Viniculture to create the "Harvest Moon," a Chardonnay that underwent a unique vinification process involving "flor" yeast. This endeavor is part of a special series of LP wines, including "Muskat Love," "Riesling Delight," and others, each bottle standing as a tribute to the craft of winemaking and the beauty of natural, unadulterated expression. These wines are celebrated for their complexity, purity, and the innovative spirit that Sven Leiner brings to the biodynamic wine scene in the Pfalz region.

Arzheimer Str. 14, 76831 Ilbesheim bei Landau in der Pfalz, Deutschland