19 / 20 / 21 - Brut Nature - Weingut Sven Leiner

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SFr. 44.00
SFr. 44.00

Producer: Weingut Sven Leiner
Grape: Spätburgunder, Chardonnay
Country: Germany
Region: Pfalz
Subregion: -
Alcohol: 10,5%

Aging in wood: 

Added S02: No

Funkiness: Clean

Tasting Notes: 

This wine is a sophisticated blend of three vintages, carefully crafted to enhance its complexity and depth. The base wines from 2019 and 2020 have been matured for one and two years respectively in tonneaux barrels on the lees, enriching the wine with a creamy texture and adding layers of nuanced flavor. The process culminates with the addition of fermenting must from 2021, which is then bottled to undergo a second fermentation. This technique harnesses the vibrancy of live yeast and the residual sweetness of the must to drive the secondary fermentation, ultimately achieving an impressive 6 bar pressure in the bottle. This method not only contributes to the wine's effervescence but also intensifies its aromatic profile, creating a dynamic and beautifully integrated expression.