Les Pierres Chaudes - Domaine Julien Meyer - 2021

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SFr. 26.00
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Producer: Domaine Julien Meyer
Grape: Pinot Blanc 
Country: France
Region: Alsace
Subregion: Bas-Rhin
Alcohol: 12.5%

Aging in wood:
Gneiss, Granite, Sandstone
Added S02: No

Funkyness: Mild

Tasting Notes: The dress is golden, brilliant. The nose is expressive, on white fruits roasted with butter, marzipan and spices. The palate is quite fascinating, as much by its dynamics as its texture: it goes (very) straight, without resorting to acidity. The famous "invisible thread" is at work. And at the same time, one gets acquainted with a very soft matter, with a soft touch, in a very Meyer style airy spirit. The whole thing is dazzlingly fresh, overwhelming, even. The finish is just as fresh, finely chewed, with the return of white fruits roasted in butter, embellished with spices that linger for a long time.